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    Antique Rugs

    Antique Rugs

    There are a lot of people who are into some antique stuff, and no can deny the fact that antique rugs will give a sophisticated look.

    Colorful Rugs

    Colorful Rugs

    When it comes to rugs color combinations are very important. They are a lot of rugs of various color combinations that you can choose from.

    Neutral Rugs

    Neutral Rugs

    Neutral Rugs gives a great look and entirely transforms the house and renders a whole new feel.

    Latest Arrivals

    We Have Over 800 Handmade Rugs

    All the exclusive rugs that we have are handmade. These rugs are made with very highly talented people who are in this business for more than two decades.

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    Specialists For Over 25 Years In Antique Rugs

    We have made a special name for ourselves when it comes to designing antique rugs. With more than two decades of experience, we have made some of the best rugs in the world.

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    Top Selling Items

    Antique Kurk Kashan Rug

    Antique Kurk Kashan Rug

    This is one of the special varieties of rugs that are has a lot of details in the designs. These are generally purchased by luxurious hotels.

    Old Persian Nain Rug

    Old Persian Nain Rug

    The Persian Nain Rug were used by the Persian royals and now is being used by royals in many countries.

    Persian Khamsheh Rug

    Persian Khamsheh Rug

    These are special rugs that are made and designed by the finest rug makers in Persia.

    Antique Persian Rugs Guide

    • Antique Persian Rugs

      Antique Persian Rugs

      Persian rugs are a true representation of the ancient Persian culture and art. The antique Persian rugs are from Iran and most of the times you will find imitation of these rugs from countries such as China, Turkey, Pakistan, and India. However, keep in mind......

    • Antique Persian rugs

      Antique Persian rugs dramatically alter the interior of a home

      Interior designers love the versatility Persian rugs offer rooms June 19, 2019 – Antique Persian rugs are a hot trend in home interiors. Designers and homeowners are keen to add Persian rugs to the interior of a home due to their versatility and dynamism. A......

    • Persian Rugs

      Antique Rugs vs. New Rugs

      Persian and Oriental rugs produced before the 1920s are considered to be vintage/antique. Everything that came after this period is deemed modern/new. The primary reason for the label depends on the changes in the market that gradually developed during that period as mass production was......

    • poison ring

      Best 1st Dibs Antiques

      If you are looking for high-end furniture and other luxury items such as jewelry, fine art, or items in the interior design category, there is no place better than 1stDibs. This company is popular for pushing the vintage & antique business into modern era of......

    • poison ring

      Great Antique Finds on One Kings Lane

      One Kings Lane is one of the leading online destinations for homes that connect everyday design inspiration with the latest collection of select home goods and designer items you won’t find anywhere else. Beloved for its huge selection of home accessories and furniture, One Kings......

    • History of the Persian Rug

      Persian rugs are popular for their outstanding cultural and artistic excellence; they are also known as Iranian carpets. Their production process in Iran is carried out on the heavy textile material, and they are prepared to meet numbers of symbolic and utilitarian needs. Note that,......

    • Persian Rug Symbolism

      Persian Rug Symbolism

      Persian rugs have been a symbol of luxury and status for quite some time however the true intricacy and meaning behind their designs often times go unnoticed by the average person. Persian rugs are made using a mixture of premium fabrics such as cotton, silk,......

    • Persian Rug

      Persian Rug Types

      When shopping for Persian rugs, there are many different types to consider. While many think that Persian rugs are all the same, they’d be surprised to realize that there are many options that are based on the region where the rugs are made. Experts can......

    • Reasons Why Antique Oriental Rugs Will Be On Top In 2019

      There are a lot of things in this world that keeps changing on a regular basis. Some of them that come under that category are technology, fashion, and a lot more. One of the main reasons why these things keep changing and improving is because there are a lot of people who are always ready to upgrade to new things in life.  People who are into fashion and home décor will have a better idea in this because they go through this on a daily basis. One among those things that have gained a lot of popularity in the home décor section is the antique oriental rugs. In this article, we will see why they will be more preferred in 2019.

      Dynamic and Lively Pattern

      Many eminent personalities in the interior décor business have stated that the lively designs of these antique oriental rugs will definitely set them apart from the rest and will gain them a lot of popularity among people. According to them the patterns and texture that is followed bring a positive vibe to the overall décor.

       Natural Material

      We have no idea what happened to mankind, all of a sudden they becoming eco-friendly. We should be happy that at least things are turning around now.  The entire segment of interior designing is moving towards eco-friendly materials. This is one of the main reasons why antique oriental rugs will gain a lot of popularity. They are flawlessly hand-knotted with best organic materials. The dies that are used are also plant or animal based dies. You can literally feel the evident difference of using natural material to make these rugs.

      Vivid colors

      Most of these rugs use vivid colors that render a sophisticated feel to the entire décor. These colors also add a sense of oriental esthetics to it. Persian carpets are known for using three colors. They are red, blue and beige. All you need is these three colors to decide that they are Persian Rugs. The best part of using these antique oriental rugs is that the antique looks blends with everything and hence color combination is one thing that you need not worry.

      Coziness overload

      Comfort is one thing that people have always given importance to. Even though people opt for contemporary things, they never compromise on comfortability. The comfort and coziness that these carpets give is something unparalleled. It is majorly inspired by the Scandinavian design.  A bedroom without a cozy carpet is something that cannot be imagined. The precise manufacturing methods are the main reason for this aspect.

      Luring Juxtapositions

      The antique rugs do not require any royal palace with sophisticated décor to blend in. It can be used in a normal place; it will perfect go along with it. Some might find it complex to understand, but it is the truth. It is more like a person who can dine at a Michelin Star restaurant and also enjoy every bite in a food truck.  ...

    • persian rugs

      Unsecured Rugs Can Cause Slip And Fall Accidents

      A workplace, just like your home, is meant to be characterized by the virtues of safety and comfort like nothing else; creating a secure environment for the employees to work in qualifies as an indispensible pointer in the catalog of professional ethics. However, not every......

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