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    Antique Persian rugs dramatically alter the interior of a home

    Antique Persian rugs

    Antique Persian rugs dramatically alter the interior of a home

    Interior designers love the versatility Persian rugs offer rooms

    June 19, 2019 – Antique Persian rugs are a hot trend in home interiors. Designers and homeowners are keen to add Persian rugs to the interior of a home due to their versatility and dynamism. A Persian carpet has the uncanny ability to drastically alter a room and provide homeowners with a completely different look and feel. 

    Persian rugs are designed and inspired by traditional weavers from Iran. The Persian region is famed for its intricate carpet designs and deep color saturation. Even the simplest rug is adorned with designs of medallions, flowers, and other images. 

    Professional interior designers love the diversity of Persian rugs. The wide range of choice in carpets gives interior decorators the chance to mix and match rooms with rugs. The colors and designs of the rugs can complete makeover a space and bring new life to the home. 

    According Antique Persian Rugs, a website that boasts over 800 carpets in its storeroom, each Persian rug showcases the culture of the region in its design and craftmanship. Each rug is handmade by weavers who have learned a trade that has been passed down through generations.

    A number of interior designers recommend homeowners picking out a rug before redesigning their home. This allows homeowners to build their rooms around their unique Persian rug. Antique Persian Rugs, on the other hand, believe that is not always the case as a carpet can be purchased to add to a room that is already complete. 

    Thanks to the incredible variety of Persian carpets available via retailers like Antique Persian Rugs, homeowners can find a rug to match their home. A carpet can unify a room or space to make it an even cozier area of the home. 

    “Persian rugs are perfect no matter where they are placed in a home,” an Antique Persian Rugs spokesperson said. “Unlike other home design elements, Persian carpets do not go out of style. They can simply be moved from room to room and used in various ways. Whether in the living room or under a dining room table, Persian rugs are versatile in the way they can be displayed.”

    For more information on Antique Persian Rugs or to view its stock of over 800 authentic carpets, please visit

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