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    Antique Persian Rugs

    Antique Persian Rugs

    Antique Persian Rugs

    Persian rugs are a true representation of the ancient Persian culture and art. The antique Persian rugs are from Iran and most of the times you will find imitation of these rugs from countries such as China, Turkey, Pakistan, and India. However, keep in mind that the authentic Persian rugs are made in Iran.

    Used as works of art, these rugs find their way into homes as wall art. This is particularly true of antique Persian rugs that have been woven from silk. Such rugs are relatively more fragile (not to mention relatively more expensive), so most people purchase them to use them as décor e.g. hanging them rather than using them on their floors. An antique Persian rug commands good price at auctions, mainly because it is antique and dates back a century or more.

    Why Are Persian Rugs So Popular?

    The exquisite Persian rugs are in high demand from all over the globe and Iran’s large population of weavers who primarily earns their living by manufacturing these decorative pieces strive to meet such a vast requirement, hence catering to domestic and international needs. Every antique Persian rug is unique and is a result of diverse creativity that makes it so popular as well as relatively expensive as compared to other rugs available on the market. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your workplace or home, then choose ancient Persian rugs as they will help you do just that. Just make sure to buy authentic Persian rugs.

    What Makes a Rug an Authentic Persian Rug?

    The authenticity of a Persian rug depends largely on the location in which it was made. If the antique rug is made in Iran, then it qualifies as being an authentic Persian rug. Apart from this, you can ensure the authenticity by checking the quality of the rugs themselves. An authentic Persian rug is an intricate work of art thanks to the handmade skills involved in making it. The quality is guaranteed as these rugs are a large source of income for the local Iranian rug weavers.

    Styles of Persian Rugs

    There are a wide range of styles available when it comes Persian rugs. These styles are mostly based around woven patterns of a circular nature; a pattern (such as an animal or flower) that fills the rug’s entire area, or ones that are filled with symbolic themes. Since antique Persian rugs are hand woven, there is a certain artistic freedom that goes into making them. So, each of the Persian rugs that you purchase is likely to be unique in its own way. This uniqueness adds to the overall appeal of the rug. However, the overall beauty of an antique Persian rug that it can bring to a home or workplace is the greatest appeal.

    Consider buying a Persian rug if it fits your budget and taste. A quality authentic Persian rug will last a lifetime and can easily transform into a unique piece of art and valuable family heirloom.

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