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    Great Antique Finds on One Kings Lane

    poison ring

    Great Antique Finds on One Kings Lane

    One Kings Lane is one of the leading online destinations for homes that connect everyday design inspiration with the latest collection of select home goods and designer items you won’t find anywhere else.
    Beloved for its huge selection of home accessories and furniture, One Kings Lane also has a vintage section. You can use this section to browse great antique finds. Following are some of the top categories for antique products available on One Kings Lane:

    antique persian rugsFurniture
    Good design never goes out of style. So, whether you are shopping for antique Persian rugs or mid-century furniture, don’t forget to visit One Kings Lane. There is a huge collection of antique furniture available on the site to suit fit everyone’s taste. Antique and vintage furniture can add narrative and depth to a space and imbue it with so much character. With antique furniture from One Kings Lane, you can give your room a sleek touch with mid-century pieces or search for materials like glass and chrome for a stylish touch. Some of the products in this category include English Chest on Stand, Natural Hand-Woven Ottoman, Midcentury Italian Bar Cart, Antique French Secretary
    Table, and more.
    Decorative Accents
    While the latest trends when it comes to decorative accents are usually great, you grow tire of their look pretty quickly. However, if you choose timeless, classic pieces, you will never grow tired of the amazing style. Antique decorative accents are always in style and work with virtually all color schemes. They particularly look great with antique Persian rugs. Vintage decorative accents available on One Kings Lane are the items one simply cannot live without. Some of the products in this category include Champlevé Cloisonné Ornaments, S/6, Pair Brass Three-Light/Arm Candelabras, Sea Urchin Ornaments, S/6, 53″ Woodland Deer Tree Skirt, and more.
    antique persian rugs
    Jewelry & Accessories
    Jewelry isn’t just worn for aesthetic purposes. It is also a great way to express yourself. So, if antique fashion style defines a big part of who you are, then you would surely want to wear adorable pieces of antique jewelry. The antique jewelry pieces and accessories available on One Kings Lane are functional as well as stylish. There are wide variety of styles and design choices available. Some of the products in this category include Chanel Pearl Logo Earrings, 1993, Etruscan-Style Givenchy Leaf Pin, Napier Gold Track Necklace & Bracelet, YSL Lucite & Faux-Pearl Necklace, and more.
    poison ringPoison Rings
    Poison rings became popular during the 16th century in Europe. A poison ring is basically a ring that features a container inside or under the bezel that can hold a variety of substances e.g. poison, perfume, etc. Since these rings were widely used for holding and concealing poisons, they are more commonly known as a poison ring. There are wide range of such rings available on One Kings Lane. They feature different shapes, designs, and colors. Some of the popular poison rings available on One Kings Lane include Amethyst & Sterling Silver Poison Ring, Mexican Sterling & Amethyst Poison Ring, and more.
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