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    Reasons Why Antique Oriental Rugs Will Be On Top In 2019

    Reasons Why Antique Oriental Rugs Will Be On Top In 2019

    There are a lot of things in this world that keeps changing on a regular basis. Some of them that come under that category are technology, fashion, and a lot more. One of the main reasons why these things keep changing and improving is because there are a lot of people who are always ready to upgrade to new things in life.  People who are into fashion and home décor will have a better idea in this because they go through this on a daily basis. One among those things that have gained a lot of popularity in the home décor section is the antique oriental rugs. In this article, we will see why they will be more preferred in 2019.

    Dynamic and Lively Pattern

    Many eminent personalities in the interior décor business have stated that the lively designs of these antique oriental rugs will definitely set them apart from the rest and will gain them a lot of popularity among people. According to them the patterns and texture that is followed bring a positive vibe to the overall décor.

     Natural Material

    We have no idea what happened to mankind, all of a sudden they becoming eco-friendly. We should be happy that at least things are turning around now.  The entire segment of interior designing is moving towards eco-friendly materials. This is one of the main reasons why antique oriental rugs will gain a lot of popularity. They are flawlessly hand-knotted with best organic materials. The dies that are used are also plant or animal based dies. You can literally feel the evident difference of using natural material to make these rugs.

    Vivid colors

    Most of these rugs use vivid colors that render a sophisticated feel to the entire décor. These colors also add a sense of oriental esthetics to it. Persian carpets are known for using three colors. They are red, blue and beige. All you need is these three colors to decide that they are Persian Rugs. The best part of using these antique oriental rugs is that the antique looks blends with everything and hence color combination is one thing that you need not worry.

    Coziness overload

    Comfort is one thing that people have always given importance to. Even though people opt for contemporary things, they never compromise on comfortability. The comfort and coziness that these carpets give is something unparalleled. It is majorly inspired by the Scandinavian design.  A bedroom without a cozy carpet is something that cannot be imagined. The precise manufacturing methods are the main reason for this aspect.

    Luring Juxtapositions

    The antique rugs do not require any royal palace with sophisticated décor to blend in. It can be used in a normal place; it will perfect go along with it. Some might find it complex to understand, but it is the truth. It is more like a person who can dine at a Michelin Star restaurant and also enjoy every bite in a food truck.


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