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    Unsecured Rugs Can Cause Slip And Fall Accidents

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    Unsecured Rugs Can Cause Slip And Fall Accidents

    persian rugsA workplace, just like your home, is meant to be characterized by the virtues of safety and comfort like nothing else; creating a secure environment for the employees to work in qualifies as an indispensible pointer in the catalog of professional ethics. However, not every office ardently follows these regulations and thereby, end up creating a scenario where the workers severely hurt themselves and are deprived of their efficiency for several weeks. One of the most common causes that makes way for these accidents is a loose Persian rug or run in the carpet which in turn can leads to severe falls, slips and trips. Fortunately, the country’s law allows its citizens enough room to battle out a case with a similar concern, and if you are looking forward to resorting to a verdict in your favor, you must begin with the search to find a lawyer.

    * Persian rugs and carpets when unsecured can prove harmful
    A recent survey that was conducted to study the number of accidents initiated by unsecured Persian rugs and carpets concluded that these elements are a major source of falls, slips and trips especially amongst people above 65 years of age. Furthermore, it was also clarified that most of the emergency room cases reported almost a decade ago were caused due to unattended rugs and carpets every year. Even though most of these accidents occur at residences, a fair share of these mishaps do take place in other venues such as offices. None of us can assert the degree of potential physical damage that can be caused from these falls, therefore, these incidents can be prevented only when the owners and employees are sincere and attentive.

    * Dangers of loose rugs
    The biggest issue with loose Persian rugs is that if stepped over heavily, they can slip out of place making one lose control and falling hard on the floor. This can also happen if the carpet is carelessly placed over a smooth surface such as marble or lustrous tiles because the contribution of friction is comparatively lesser on these floors. Placing an effective pad or gripper underneath the carpet will steer away the carpet from shifting to reduce falls and slips.

    * Consequences of uneven and torn carpeting
    These two categories of glitches can be considered similar when it comes to the nature of repercussions posed by them. When the size of a carpet is bigger than the surface it is placed upon or has been delineated with low-quality craftsmanship, it can lead to a tripping hazard. These nightmares especially turn into reality when there are bumps or waves in the carpet. Additionally, when the carpet is torn somewhere, it will open doors for a person’s foot to get stuck in between and inevitably experience a fall. Getting the carpet repaired at the soonest will help to keep the resources safe.

    How hiring a lawyer can prove helpful? find a lawyer
    If you or somebody you care about has experienced any of the above-mentioned tragedies, then it is about time to find a lawyer who specializes in injury cause due to lack of attentiveness on the authority’s part. Seeking professional assistance from an experienced lawyer will eradicate all the complexities constituting the legal case, while you can start focusing on your recovery and the future. When you find a lawyer, experience and expertise are the two chief ingredients to look out for; thus, make certain that the organization you are contacting for procuring your legal needs, provides you with an assorted catalog of the best injury attorneys in town.

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